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Beautiful & Deadly Mythology Creatures

Alkonost, Alkonost is a legendary bird in Slavic mythology.
Having the body of a bird with the head and chest of a woman. The name comes from the NMA Alkonost by-Greek goddess Alcyone transformed by gods into a kingfisher.

Siren, In Greek mythology, the Sirens or "Seirenes" is a legendary creature, including the Naiad (one of the nymphs that live in water) that live in the ocean.

Succubus, In Western medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi) or succuba (plural succubae) is a demon that takes the form of beautiful women to seduce men "(especially pastors) in a dream to have sex.

Medusa, Medusa was originally a beautiful virgin and a priestess in Athena's temple. But once he diprkosa by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. This makes the Athena angry, she changed Medusa's hair into snakes and cursing Medusa so siappun who saw his eyes, would be a stone.

Lilith, Lilith is a female demon from Babylonian who likes to steal the children of men. The Hebrews adopted this and assume prtama Lilith was Adam's wife who both created from the ground. Lucifer and Lilith met with the unification of millions of demons born of human tempter.

Hamadriad, Hamadriad are supernatural creatures that live in trees in Greek mythology. They are a special class of nymphs. Hamadriad born in specific trees and has a very close relationship with the tree which became his residence.

Empousa, Empousa Hekate's men are monsters in the underworld. He is often grouped with the creatures of the world bwah bleak and Mormo.Empousa Lamia was a beautiful woman and a child of the goddess Hekate Mormo. She suck the blood of men when they're asleep.

Sphinx, Sphinx is a mythical creature with a lion's body and head manusia.Sphinx, in the Greek tradition, has a thigh lion, wings of a bird, and the face and breasts of a woman.

Dziwozona, Dziwozona or Mmuna Swamp Devil is a girl in Slavic mythology is known as an evil and dangerous.